federal loan modification law offices - They said they would modify our loan and didn't do a thing

Livingston, New Jersey 1 comment
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Federal Loan Modification out of Irvine Ca.We paid them 4,190.00 and they didn't do a thing.They put you on hold and then you were disconnected,they promised to do a service which was costly,and at the time we were desperate to sace our home afte living here for 14 years,because of them we lost our house,I hope they all rot in ***,how can they look at their selves in the mirror,to take advantage of people who need help,and intrust them to do a service,they don't care they just start up another company under another name and continue to rip-off people.




You have this listed out of Irvine, did they have an office in the San Diego area email me usabottles@juno.com. Trying to see if they are some how connected to First American Law Center in SD. Type in that name in here and look at the complaints against them Mike

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